Sara Whitesides- Sales Specialist

Seattle, WA 7/21/20

“Tonya Sue TimeSaver is a professional that you can rely on, trust, and that provides real results. She is one of the most passionate women I have had the pleasure of working with. She assists you by guiding you to your own answers and always encourages you to never give up! She will help you see and create abundance and prosperity.”

Aldo Jose Puccini- Professional Space Maker

Los Angeles, CA 2/19/20

”Getting to work alongside Tonya Sue TimeSaver has been such a blessing for me because an amazing lifelong friendship and business partnership has come out of it. We first worked together in retail management, and it was only when Tonya assisted me, that the struggling business reached its challenging financial goals. Now that I am beginning a new career in Interior Design, her personable communication skills and knack for organization are the perfect complements to my blooming entrepreneurial business. The thing about Tonya that caught my attention was her drive and consistency. Her passion for success and faith in my abilities helps me stay motivated and sets her apart from any other business partner. There is no other person I could think of that I would rather have as my right hand.”

Jen Schwartz- Online Business Manager

Sarasota, Florida 10/22/19

“Tonya is consummate professional - a dedicated, organized and resourceful VA. She is a self-starter and works independently while paying close attention to details. She is a joy to work with.”

Adrienne Simons- Project Manager

Flushing, NY 10/13/19

“She is so professional and a pleasure to work with.  Hiring Tonya was money well spent!” 

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